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A sailing boat has always been synonym with freedom. Every time we raise anchor or cast off the moorings we cut off the last physical bond with the mainland and step into an exciting dimension of total freedom. Or at least this is the perception as we are well aware we have to know and always act upon the rights and duties in force.

A FAMILY ATLANTIC CROSSING. 7 useful tips to plan a great adventure

The call of the Ocean has always lured past and present seamen. Nowadays the number of those who decide to embark on this great adventure is highly increasing.

Trying a boat: the purchase between heart and brain

Yachts’ brokers do not sell boats, they sell dreams and from dreams, you know it, you can wake up very disappointingly. Buying a sailboat requires, in a way, an act of faith: the conviction that the winds will always blow in our favour and that…

Water on board: what to do?

“Everything on board may break…….and it’s likely that – sooner or later – it will” Who among us does not hardly withhold a talismanic gesture when hearing this old saying? Of course this is not the quintessence of confidence, however, in a pragmatic approach, being…

On board resource management

The issue of the safeguard of our resources is more and more topical and, on a boat, its impact is even greater. A sustainable and respectful approach to the environment affects also the sound management of on board resources (like at home) i.e. power and…

Cleaning of water and fuel tanks

When the pleasure boating season is almost over and you’re going to winter store your boat, no matter whether wet or dry storage, one of the most common and needed procedures is cleaning the water and fuel tanks. Let’s analyse the crucial steps of accurate…

Test Europump 3000 – 24V

To improve the removal of water from the sail store I have decided to replace the existing pump with a higher flow rate one and the choice fell on the submersible pump Europump 3000 Osculati. The pump is delivered in a white cardboard box, instructions…