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Tag: Sailboat

SAILS: choosing a set of sails

The first thing you notice when talking about sails is, on the one hand the huge quantity of information available everywhere on this topic and, on the other hand, the apparently contradictory lack of information. Confusion reigns supreme among abbreviations and fancy names of materials….

SUV OR COUPÉ: Cruising on a catamaran or a monohull

Imagine you have to rent a car for a travel holiday. Imagine you are planning your journey along highways, coastal roads or hairpin turns or across towns. Maybe the first question that should be asked is: ”What kind of  car do I need?” Of course,…

Sailing a regatta: how to manage watch and rest periods and food-stocks

Who, when it comes to boat crossing, does not immediately think about a refreshing rest in a natural harbour, a nap during the day’s hottest hours, refreshing dips, aperitifs and barbecues at sunset? Doesn’t everybody? Of course they do. Because sharing pleasant moments of close…

Your first cruise

This moment so imagined, dreamed and awaited for since your first sailing course, is now very near. Your first cruise without supervision is an important milestone to be remembered with pleasure, provided that a careful planning has left nothing to chance as plans may be…