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Summer cruises: Gallinara island

Seen from the sea, Liguria offers spectacular views. However, from a sailor’s point of view, things are not that simple. From La Spezia to Ventimiglia almost no natural shelters are available to protect from southerly winds or coves deep enough for a boat to safely moor for the night (except for Sestri Levante roadstead, which is always overcrowded in summer). The only island in this sea area is Gallinara, just over a green cliff on Riviera di Ponente, off the coast of Albenga.

The life jacket

Life jackets are safety devices per excellence and a must for boaters. Yet they are too often left stored and unused, and not only by amateur yachtspeople.

New propulsion systems: future is behind the corner

To start with, let’s reply to a basic question and get rid of any hypocrisy: is sailing an ecological practice? If we are satisfied with dwelling in illusions and good intentions, then we’ll say <<of course it is, I sail without a drop of fuel,…

E-sailing again … and more

TRAINING FROM LOCKDOWN TO TAKE-OFF Recently we have talked about online training in this time of the virus and the issue is giving rise to quite animated debates. There are some who consider it only as a temporary solution and some, who, on the contrary,…

The boat launch after winterization

After winter storage it is now time to let our cuddle-eager “baby” have a bath. Let’s see how to prepare it for the launch. As described in the article about winter storage, some steps are similar and have to be repeated before boat launching, while…