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Tag: Safety on board

The life jacket

Life jackets are safety devices per excellence and a must for boaters. Yet they are too often left stored and unused, and not only by amateur yachtspeople.


A sailing boat has always been synonym with freedom. Every time we raise anchor or cast off the moorings we cut off the last physical bond with the mainland and step into an exciting dimension of total freedom. Or at least this is the perception as we are well aware we have to know and always act upon the rights and duties in force.

Safety first: lessons from the aviation industry

Safety and wellness both of the crew and the boat are the primary responsibilities of each commander, with no exception. You can bet that every skipper will confirm that. Yet, it is almost impossible to find an investigation report in case of marine casualty that…

Joys and sorrows of sailing

Sailing is a combination of joys and sorrows: for both aspects there is plenty of choice! We all have plenty of pictures piled in a drawer or stored in our computer as mementos of some magic sailing moments, but, certainly the same cannot be said…

Improve safety on board

Many people ask me how to improve their safety and their boat safety equipment. Given that we all have our own navigation style, most of the boats I visit aren’t compliant with their national marine standards for what concerns safety equipment: the liferaft is stuck…