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Tag: navigare

A blade for every requirement

Knives are essential on any boat – be it a dinghy, a motorboat or a sailboat.  I refer to them in the plural as there are many kinds of knives, each one suitable for a specific purpose, not least safety. Of course, this article does…

Far seeing

Binoculars are essential when sailing. According to safety regulations, binoculars are mandatory on board for navigation beyond 50 miles from the coast in addition to navigation maps, barometers, clocks, chartwork tools. However, beyond what is required by law, binoculars are extremely useful when hugging the…

How to secure your dinghy easily and safely.

How to transport and secure a dinghy during navigation is left to the initiative of the ship owner – apart from common sense rules – being this closely related to single requirements and, above all, boat’s dimensions. Safety reasons and the need for open space…

Day shapes

Although forgotten by many and intentionally ignored by others, day shapes are important and must be observed. This is why fines are quite common in the event of an inspection. In details, day shapes refer to Part C of COLREGs, i.e. International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, stating that by day certain vessels are required in certain situations to exhibit signals having specific geometric shapes (ball, cylinder and cone).