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Sailing with skeleton crew: some tips

Recently, a combination of factors created a real explosion of the practice of sailing in pairs or in small families that sail on boats of some importance. This factors are mostly three: first of all there is the Covid-19 pandemic, which has lead – personal…

Expectation and reality: the crew list for the sailing race season

For some of us, sailing is a hobby. For others it’s a passion and for some others – I raise my hand and confess – a true obsession! Well, I have been sailing for decades and I think I can say that no sport activity…

SAILS: choosing a set of sails

The first thing you notice when talking about sails is, on the one hand the huge quantity of information available everywhere on this topic and, on the other hand, the apparently contradictory lack of information. Confusion reigns supreme among abbreviations and fancy names of materials….

5 things to take into account in a storm

This article deals with the most important aspects of a topic on which entire volumes have been written: how to overcome rough weather at sea. Many yachtsmen consider a storm as the most unfortunate event that can happen at sea. We are all scared of…