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Mooring hooks

No vessel can do without a mooring hook, including dinghies and small, medium or large sized boats.

A mooring hook is essential to board lazy lines attached to mooring posts, to fetch a fender or any other object that has slipped outboard or even to help who wants to climb on board. In short it helps you to  increase your reach when grabbing an object or a person.

SAIL CARE chapter 2

Each sail has been designed to withstand wind stress, stress induced upon mast and equipment, sea waves and – above all –a specific wind range. Knowing the wind range is essential for sail proper use and stowage.

Welcome a warm winter at sea

Let us therefore look at what are the best heating options for dinette and cabins and the most popular heating systems for a comfortable boat even in winter unless you prefer shivering or risk a bronchitis cuddled up in your sleeping bag!


A sailing boat has always been synonym with freedom. Every time we raise anchor or cast off the moorings we cut off the last physical bond with the mainland and step into an exciting dimension of total freedom. Or at least this is the perception as we are well aware we have to know and always act upon the rights and duties in force.

A FAMILY ATLANTIC CROSSING. 7 useful tips to plan a great adventure

The call of the Ocean has always lured past and present seamen. Nowadays the number of those who decide to embark on this great adventure is highly increasing.

Cleaning of water and fuel tanks

When the pleasure boating season is almost over and you’re going to winter store your boat, no matter whether wet or dry storage, one of the most common and needed procedures is cleaning the water and fuel tanks. Let’s analyse the crucial steps of accurate…

Rigging and mast cleaning and lubrication

Shrouds and mast are considered among the most reliable components of a sailboat. Not many other items convey the same feeling of being reliable. And maybe this is why their maintenance is often overlooked. However, service them regularly is essential to be sure that their…

Engine maintenance: cleaning and servicing

To keep your boat engine in good working order, it is good practice to perform all servicing activities. Regular engine servicing prevents unforeseen events and failures, also serious, that could put the season at risk or compromise safety during navigation. Engine servicing consists of two…

The boat launch after winterization

After winter storage it is now time to let our cuddle-eager “baby” have a bath. Let’s see how to prepare it for the launch. As described in the article about winter storage, some steps are similar and have to be repeated before boat launching, while…