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C.I.R.M. The guardian angels of seafarers

C.I.R.M. stands for Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (International Radio Medical Centre). It was established back in 1935 and is considered one of the pioneers of telemedicine. It provides radio medical advice 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to ships on any nationality navigating on the four corners of the world regardless of boundaries or which flag they fly.

The life jacket

Life jackets are safety devices per excellence and a must for boaters. Yet they are too often left stored and unused, and not only by amateur yachtspeople.

The compass: definitely an evergreen!

The compass has been for centuries, and still is nowadays, the safest and most reliable instrument you may have on board. This is why it is useful not to lose the habit to have a look at it every now and then instead of keeping on staring the plotter multicolour screen.

Welcome a warm winter at sea

Let us therefore look at what are the best heating options for dinette and cabins and the most popular heating systems for a comfortable boat even in winter unless you prefer shivering or risk a bronchitis cuddled up in your sleeping bag!


A sailing boat has always been synonym with freedom. Every time we raise anchor or cast off the moorings we cut off the last physical bond with the mainland and step into an exciting dimension of total freedom. Or at least this is the perception as we are well aware we have to know and always act upon the rights and duties in force.

Trying a boat: the purchase between heart and brain

Yachts’ brokers do not sell boats, they sell dreams and from dreams, you know it, you can wake up very disappointingly. Buying a sailboat requires, in a way, an act of faith: the conviction that the winds will always blow in our favour and that…

New Year’s cruise

To welcome the New Year aboard their boat is a tradition many boat owners can’t give up. Honestly, most of these just arrange a gargantuan lunch to be shared with friends or family in the comfortable and warm dinette while being moored at the usual…

The sea under the Christmas tree

Christmas is almost here and if there are yachting and sailing enthusiasts among your relatives and friends, or just someone with a passion for the sea, well, let me say that the chances of you getting the perfect Christmas gift are really high. In the…

Guests on board: etiquette and unrwitten rules in hosting

During this period of uncertainty, a sailing holiday could be one of the safest options for a family unit or a group of friends of “proven origin” that didn’t want to crowd with hundreds of people in a resort or on a beach. Hence why…

Quickly and well: how to sell your boat optimally

“Two are the happiest moments in a ship-owner: the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it”. Eventually, for many ship-owners will come the time to change their yacht for a different model or dimension. It does not matter how much love…

A second chance: vintage yacht restoration

As an architect, I have carried out the restauration of numerous old buildings with all associated technical, artistic, cultural and general approach problems. I have studied and extensively discussed about the right attitude to adopt when taking care of an old architectural entity refurbishment. In…

The atlantic crossing by ARC

Ocean sailing is the dream of many yachtspeople. But to successfully perform this adventure it is highly necessary to be prepared, especially those who are setting about to cross the Pillars of Hercules for the first time. The annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ARC or…