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Category: Reviews

The life jacket

Life jackets are safety devices per excellence and a must for boaters. Yet they are too often left stored and unused, and not only by amateur yachtspeople.

The compass: definitely an evergreen!

The compass has been for centuries, and still is nowadays, the safest and most reliable instrument you may have on board. This is why it is useful not to lose the habit to have a look at it every now and then instead of keeping on staring the plotter multicolour screen.

Welcome a warm winter at sea

Let us therefore look at what are the best heating options for dinette and cabins and the most popular heating systems for a comfortable boat even in winter unless you prefer shivering or risk a bronchitis cuddled up in your sleeping bag!

A FAMILY ATLANTIC CROSSING. 7 useful tips to plan a great adventure

The call of the Ocean has always lured past and present seamen. Nowadays the number of those who decide to embark on this great adventure is highly increasing.

Trying a boat: the purchase between heart and brain

Yachts’ brokers do not sell boats, they sell dreams and from dreams, you know it, you can wake up very disappointingly. Buying a sailboat requires, in a way, an act of faith: the conviction that the winds will always blow in our favour and that…

New Year’s cruise

To welcome the New Year aboard their boat is a tradition many boat owners can’t give up. Honestly, most of these just arrange a gargantuan lunch to be shared with friends or family in the comfortable and warm dinette while being moored at the usual…

Fenders: the boat’s airbags

Boat you see, fenders you find. Essential accessories at the dock, fenders are, however, among those most subject to free interpretation, sometimes even quite suggestive. Yet, basic rules are there. Let’s start from the beginning. Fenders, especially since the hulls are drawn with a decorative,…

Autumn cruise: Capraia, the little treasure chest

The small islands of the Mediterranean, especially the ones a few hours of navigation from the continent, have a great advantage and a great disadvantage: the former is that they are easily reachable. The disadvantage is that they are stormed by boats of all kinds…

Cartography: can we do without paper charts?

If we do an excursus on the most recent sailing yacht layouts, we can notice that, gradually, the dimensions, the chart table’s importance and functionality have changed significantly. Particularly, we can notice how the table’s dimensions drastically reduced and its functionality has changed clearly in…

Memories of nautical chart table

You used to use me to track the route On all boats beyond a certain size (even quite reduced actually) is proudly displayed a furniture element that, until not so long ago, was a real cult piece. It was a sort of secular temple that…

Field test

Osculati has sent me 5 products in order to review their quality and usability on board. Here’s my report. LED light for indoor purposes Osculati code 13.488.12 It’s a convenient recess-fit light that, depending on its location, can also be mounted without boring the support….

Review: Caframo Sirocco II fan

Let’s start from the end: great! I don’t usually take such an enthusiastic position but in this case I think it’s a product worth praising. In the Osculati catalogue and website its item code is 16.755.00 and I strongly recommend it. In the past I’ve…