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Category: Electronics

Marine toilets: joys (and sorrows)

ands up if you have never spent some minutes (in the best of cases) or a couple of hours (in the worst of cases) of your holiday time kneeling by the WC or, even worse, with your head in the toilet bowl or by the seacocks. On-board toilets or better, marine toilets, bring joy and sorrow to all yachtspeople. Joy, as there is nothing better than having a toilet within a few metres when you need one urgently. Sorrow, as when something goes wrong – which happens quite frequently – the necessary repair work is long-lasting, complicated and as unpleasant as you can imagine.

It doesn’t matter if jack or bag, provided that it is “lazy”

Most sailboats are equipped with lazy jacks and lazy bags and most sailors would surely say this is worthwhile as not only they have never regretted the choice, but they couldn’t do without!

The compass: definitely an evergreen!

The compass has been for centuries, and still is nowadays, the safest and most reliable instrument you may have on board. This is why it is useful not to lose the habit to have a look at it every now and then instead of keeping on staring the plotter multicolour screen.

Welcome a warm winter at sea

Let us therefore look at what are the best heating options for dinette and cabins and the most popular heating systems for a comfortable boat even in winter unless you prefer shivering or risk a bronchitis cuddled up in your sleeping bag!

A FAMILY ATLANTIC CROSSING. 7 useful tips to plan a great adventure

The call of the Ocean has always lured past and present seamen. Nowadays the number of those who decide to embark on this great adventure is highly increasing.

The sea under the Christmas tree

Christmas is almost here and if there are yachting and sailing enthusiasts among your relatives and friends, or just someone with a passion for the sea, well, let me say that the chances of you getting the perfect Christmas gift are really high. In the…

Check-list: creation of a life-saving instrument

Perhaps not everyone knows that there is an almost direct relationship between an aircraft take-off and coronary bypass surgery. A relationship that has become evident when the World Health Organization’s Patient Safety Programme has developed an initiative to improve surgery safety worldwide. The airline industry…

The thousand possibilities of solar energy

From the shower to the lights, how the Sun makes us save energy Those who love long sailing navigations and spending nights in roadstead, know that the first problem to face and solve regards the electric power saving, which is crucial for the proper functioning…

On board resource management

The issue of the safeguard of our resources is more and more topical and, on a boat, its impact is even greater. A sustainable and respectful approach to the environment affects also the sound management of on board resources (like at home) i.e. power and…

Review: underwater LED light

Osculati code: 13.640.01 The item comes in a nicely made box including instructions and screws for installation, like any other product by Osculati. I tried item number 13.640.01, a light designed for hull mounting: drill a bore large enough to let the power cord through…

Internet on board: how to connect in and offshore

A fast and reliable onboard connection is a major advantage for the modern sailor. Weather forecasts are available in real time and you can also work on board your boat. This article explores the main connectivity options when sailing in- and offshore, in Italy and…

Guide: onboard batteries

Batteries are the heart of the electrical system: they start the engine and power all the boat electrical devices (lights, electric instruments, radio, fridge, etc.). These two fields of application are markedly different: engine starting needs very high currents (up to 700-900 Ampere) for a…