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Category: Crew

SAIL CARE chapter 2

Each sail has been designed to withstand wind stress, stress induced upon mast and equipment, sea waves and – above all –a specific wind range. Knowing the wind range is essential for sail proper use and stowage.

(Reg)tiquette: regatta etiquette before, during, after.

Last weekend, after months of inactivity, I started racing again at the Genoa Sailing Week. It did not go well, and, to be honest, I want to archive the experience without too many comments. The only positive side is that I saw again old friends…

Flight and sailing: Vendée Globe, America’s cup and surroundings

August 22nd 1851 the Royal Yacht Squadron organized what nowadays we would call “a club race” on a route that winds around the Isle of Wight. Fourteen local boats and a New York Yacht Club boat participated. At stake was a silver pitcher (quite ugly…

Expectation and reality: the crew list for the sailing race season

For some of us, sailing is a hobby. For others it’s a passion and for some others – I raise my hand and confess – a true obsession! Well, I have been sailing for decades and I think I can say that no sport activity…