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Author: OsculatiSrl

Sailing courses: what is not said but should be

For those approaching sailing for the first time, the first natural step is to have a look at the programmes of the sailing courses offered by the myriad of more or less renowned schools scattered throughout the whole Italian peninsula. The range of the courses,…

Cartography: can we do without paper charts?

If we do an excursus on the most recent sailing yacht layouts, we can notice that, gradually, the dimensions, the chart table’s importance and functionality have changed significantly. Particularly, we can notice how the table’s dimensions drastically reduced and its functionality has changed clearly in…

Osculati antifouling paints: how to choose the right product

Any boat left in water longer than a fortnight needs to be treated with antifouling paints. The growth of algae and fouling organisms causes increased fuel consumption, performance reduction and, on a longterm basis, phenomena of osmosis with consequent possible damage to the grp hull….

Osculati – Boating Simply

Welcome to the new blog Osculati: Boating Simply ! We’re going to use this space to make boaters’ life easier. We’ll propose reviews, guides and updatings on all that the marine world is about. Our wish is not to tell you what to buy but to…