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No vessel can do without a mooring hook, including dinghies and small, medium or large sized boats.

A mooring hook is essential to board lazy lines attached to mooring posts, to fetch a fender or any other object that has slipped outboard or even to help who wants to climb on board. In short it helps you to  increase your reach when grabbing an object or a person.

Companies have used their imagination in creating countless different models. From traditional and elegant versions with wooden handle and stainless steel spike to the very popular telescopic versions in aluminium, practical and cost-effective. Indeed, one may well say you are spoilt for choice!

When you cast a glance at the ships at dock, you may notice how a mooring hook is stored on board in many different ways and places. Either fastened to the coach roof by means of hooks and elastic bands, or inserted in the boom, or positioned vertically to the mast in case of sailboats or stowed in a peak when not in use, and so on.

There are two important aspects to be taken into consideration: mooring hooks shall be duly fastened otherwise they can become an obstacle, and even be dangerous. Secondly, mooring hooks shall always be at hand in order to grasp them in a few moments. The main function of the hook is to grab a coiled line at dock when the ship is mooring and fetch it on board, or to board a lazy line, let it slide to the bow and then fasten it to a belaying cleat.

With respect to this last purpose, special mooring hook models provided with a sheave for easy sliding of mooring lines have been designed, like this Three-telescopic boat hook with grapnel ( These are high-tech products intended for a demanding clientele eager for comfort. They are provided with a fairlead to let the line pass through the mooring buoy ring. However, the most widespread models are those in aluminium, lightweight and practical, like this Nylon mooring hook 160 cm ( Last but not least there are telescopic mooring hooks with a space-saving design, like this Telescopic mooring hook 100/200 cm (

Many versions are available on the market, with rubber or nylon spike and finished handle. Stainless steel spring clips, suitable for holding boat hooks, fishing poles, etc. are ideal to fasten the mooring hook to the coach roof Clip in acciaio inox per bloccaggio ganci accosto, canne pesca ecc ( They ensure quick storage without using ropes or elastic bands.

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