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Osculati has sent me 5 products in order to review their quality and usability on board.

Here’s my report.

LED light for indoor purposes

Osculati code 13.488.12

It’s a convenient recess-fit light that, depending on its location, can also be mounted without boring the support. The item number is 13.488.12, it’s powered by a 12-volt source and has to be connected to the onboard wiring system. Tip the lens to switch it on/off and, what’s more, the light will change colour (red or white) or intensity when you slightly touch it.

As for all LED lights, current draw is negligible and unwanted switching-on isn’t possible because it  has no push-button/lever control. Nice look, I’ve installed it in the blind spot of a cabin so reading is comfortable in that corner, too.

Blackout blind with mosquito net

Osculati code 19.355.05

Item 19.355.05 shows how far Osculati goes to meet the yachtsmen’s needs and requirements. The need to shade the companionway is very common since it’s a major light source. In addition – and this even more important to me – this protection hood also keeps mosquitos and other insects outside which are very disturbing at the dock and also at roadstead.

Installation is easy by means of a frame with a reinforced strap and weight so the hood adapts to the companionway shape without using permanent solutions such as Velcro: in simple terms, you mount it and weight and gravity will do the rest.

The sole drawback is that in windy conditions it tends to “let it go”. And given the fabric thickness, the 2 little intake guides with mosquito net are not enough for air intake and ventilation, which is always crucial, mostly in summertime.

Blue multipurpose bag for lifejackets

Osculati code 22.409.16

The bag I tested is item 22.409.16: it’s an interesting product made up of 2 connected multipurpose bags that have well-placed eyelets to be hanged to several places on board. The bag can also be placed on the guardrails.

This last choice in particular has a dual function: for example if two lifejackets have been stowed into the bags, the bag turns into a padded support for the back to be rested against the guardrails both when skidding during navigation and while relaxing. The bag is watertight therefore it can be really used everywhere.

2-way brass valve

Osculati code 36.189.08

It’s a useful accessory when at the dock, item code 36.189.08. One of the fittings is dedicated to water delivery from the post while the 2 separated outlets fitted with valve connect to the water hoses.

This valve is very useful when you spend a lot of time in the marina or at dock because you can connect two hoses to a single outlet from the water post so you can perform different operations at a time: one outlet can be dedicated to fill up the tanks while the other to cleaning purposes, etc.

This product isn’t necessary to anybody but if your needs are as described above then it’s just perfect.

Flyscreen for hatches and portlights

Osculati code 19.366.14

A very good black polyester flyscreen that perfectly adapts to any hatch and portlight and specific for cabins, where a dedicated solution is always complicated.

The Osculati product – item number 19.366.14 – is ideal, even in terms of installation. There are two choices for mounting: by means of magnets or with a suction cup. I chose the latter option: the cup has to be applied to the Plexiglass and the tension between the flyscreen and the opening of the hatch is adjusted by means of a strap and cursor so the flyscreen perfectly fits to the outer aluminium frame, the mesh being elastic and therefore adapting to the hatch.

The flyscreen can be easily removed: twist it like an 8 and store it in its bag. Since it’s quite large (approx. 49×23 cm) it can fit any rectangular hatch.

The market offers other more complicated ideas; otherwise you can use Velcro to which a simple flyscreen can be applied but this solution isn’t as stylish as the flyscreen proposed by Osculati and it requires adhesives to be stuck on the aluminium frame … and the aluminium frame never is a final solution due to weather, washing, and so on.

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