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Osculati code: 13.640.01

The item comes in a nicely made box including instructions and screws for installation, like any other product by Osculati.

I tried item number 13.640.01, a light designed for hull mounting: drill a bore large enough to let the power cord through – the cable is in fact long enough – and use the thru-bolt to fix it if needed.

This light fixture is certified IP68 and is therefore perfectly watertight and appropriate for the intended use. Its 3.6W power results in negligible current draw: about 0.3Ah in a 12V circuit. Yet minimum absorption allows for as much as 343 lumen brightness, which is quite a lot.

As for installation – I have an aluminium centreboard boat – I chose to have a protection housing for the hydraulic jack of the rudder. This prevented me from drilling the hull and wiring was simple all along the hydraulic pipes.

A rubber stand is used as both fitting and seal even though the entire body is made of plastic, the outer metallized housing included. The only negative aspect is that cables are tinned only in the final segment of about 5 mm: the possible underwater use would have required fully tinned cables as it is the most appropriate solution.

All in all, the light works as expected, namely it illuminates the stretch of water close to your position. The usefulness of such an item is twofold: it lets you enjoy the visual pleasure of aquarium-like water when shallow and crystal-clear, and it allows you take a night bath even if you’re afraid of underwater obscurity, which is common with many people. Moreover it would be very useful in case of emergency (objects fallen into water) within the illuminated area.

Nowadays all high-level boats boast underwater lights even though they’re often very powerful and consequently very demanding in terms of current draw: this is why this item is useful and appealing but not necessary. Yet a minimum investment is needed for this funny gadget that entertains those who still haven’t it. I have a single suggestion: buy at least two since the power of this light is at the lower limit to create a good result.

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