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Osculati item code: 65.527.01

I have had the pleasure to test this kit supplied by Osculati in a convenient display packaging containing all what is necessary to cover a steering wheel: N. 2 strips of pre-punched leather, needles and sewing thread and a punch. I have chosen the kit with brown leather (kits with ice white leather are also provided by Osculati).  Product code 65.527.01.

The real “gem” is the doubleface leather: in fact you can choose the smooth or the suede side of the leather as wheel handgrip. I, for instance, have chosen the smooth side to be visible.

120-cm is the max diameter of the steering wheel to be covered. As the diameter of my steering wheel is about 100-cm, I have had to tailor the strip of leather. I have simply positioned the leather on the wheel and cut away the exceeding material. The display packaging also contains an extra strip in case extensions are required. Kits for larger wheels are supplied on demand by Osculati.

Few but simple instructions are all that is necessary to know the kinds of knots required as well as how to sew through the pre-punched eyelets on the strip. In fact, each strip of leather consists of two different strips joined by a central seam, to be placed in the middle of the steering wheel.

My first suggestion is to lose some more minutes to concentrate on what to do. In particular, make sure the leather strip matches the wheel size before cutting the exceeding material. Please note that when the leather is slightly stretched, it tends to lose its shape. As the leather strip must properly adhere to the wheel, we suggest to stretch the leather a little when you cut it, being careful not to apply too much force. And once you have checked the right size, start to cut it.

First of all I have joined the two halves in order to make the leather fit the wheel, although, inevitably, a little loose. This has allowed me to work without worrying about holding in place both the leather and the wheel. Use both the needles and 2 length of thread (one for each needle) each of them about 1-m long to sew the leather strips.

Sewing using only one length of thread is of course possible but not recommended as letting a long thread pass through the eyelets would inevitably cause tangles. As the system allows to hide the knots of the thread inside the strip seams, I suggest to use at least 3 lengths of thread.

And if you can work with a partner it’s even better! Once you’ve found the rhythm, the work becomes simple and repetitive.

Installazione del rivestimento

The time required is about 2 hours from the very beginning. This evaluation takes into account that it’s the first time that you do it and therefore you have to work without rush and paying the utmost attention.

In conclusion the work is quite simple and the final result is, in my opinion, excellent. Said and done you will have an elegant wheel with an excellent grip thanks to the leather.

Considering its cost, this is a winning product, especially if compared to that of an ad hoc professional work. Moreover not only you will enjoy, but you will be proud of your achievement.

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