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Sometimes water drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink can be very slow: foam and other debris aren’t be washed away by water but collect at the bottom of the sink. This is not a serious problem yet it’s pretty annoying.

I’ve studied the issue thoroughly and this is how I solved it.

The sink drain pipe is usually empty – or better, full of air – from the plug down to the waterline, which means a little above the thru-hull valve.

When water flows into the sink drain pipe, it’s stopped by a bubble of air that clogs and slows down free flowing.

The weight of the water inside the pipe is too little to let the air bubble out: this is why water flows slowly along with air.

This issue can be addressed by creating another way out for air: this latter will surface freely instead of being pushed out up to the thru-hull plug.

Simply install a T-fitting between the pipe and the thru-hull valve, drill an overflow opening into the sink and connect it to the T-fitting with a hose.

A little water in the sink will create low pressure but it will be enough to let the air in the sink pipe out through the newly installed hose: and the problem will be fixed.

Water will drain fast washing any debris down the whirlpool.



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