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Month: February 2019

Review: Bath telescopic ladder

Osculati code: 49.541.74 Stainless steel bath ladders by Osculati are very interesting products. The one I tried is item 49.541.74. Made of telescopic elements, it’s convenient, and it can be fully folded after use fastening the steps with the Velcro strap it is fitted with…

Osculati antifouling paints: how to choose the right product

Any boat left in water longer than a fortnight needs to be treated with antifouling paints. The growth of algae and fouling organisms causes increased fuel consumption, performance reduction and, on a longterm basis, phenomena of osmosis with consequent possible damage to the grp hull….

Internet on board: how to connect in and offshore

A fast and reliable onboard connection is a major advantage for the modern sailor. Weather forecasts are available in real time and you can also work on board your boat. This article explores the main connectivity options when sailing in- and offshore, in Italy and…

Review: Fuel meter kit

Osculati code: 27.160.00 I gladly tested the sensor of the 27.160.00 kit as I found myself having to replace the old sensor in the second diesel tank, which was a capacitive one. The Osculati sensor I tested is a resistive-type tilt bar sensor.  As I…