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Osculati code: 49.541.74

Stainless steel bath ladders by Osculati are very interesting products. The one I tried is item 49.541.74. Made of telescopic elements, it’s convenient, and it can be fully folded after use fastening the steps with the Velcro strap it is fitted with so it will only take the strictly necessary room to stow it.

In addition to the strap, the ladder is fitted with two hinge brackets on both sides of its tubular frame: in this way the ladder unit can be folded and fully stowed inside a dedicated housing, if any, as in all Jeanneau vessels.

Installation is really simple and it only requires 4 bolts: drill 4 bores in a place that is convenient and accessible from the inside to allow screwing the nuts (possibly self-locking ones) and correctly-sized washers otherwise drill 4 threaded bores where bolts can be screwed.

The ladder has an essential design and easily adapts to different transoms and beach platforms but before buying it make sure you check the dimensions and the possibility of having a stowage housing.

Minor suggestion: the ladder has stainless steel parts that come in contact with sea water therefore rust spots can inevitably appear over time (I’m actually talking of rust-like oxidation since stainless steel doesn’t rust in the true sense of the word). Because of these spots the telescopic elements might jam and not slide easily therefore I suggest to wash the ladder with fresh water before folding it.

Comment: this product is rugged and has the right weight, which results in effectiveness and good grip when going down into water and climbing out of it. The price is excellent so I cannot but recommend it.

Giampaolo Gentili
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