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Osculati code: 13.192.20

This interior light comes in the traditional packaging by Osculati, including installation accessories and instructions, also printed on the package.

I took item 13.192.20 as a sample. It’s got a curved rubber-lattice base ideal for mounting under the boom or on tubular frames but also adapting to flat surfaces.

I chose to locate the fixture under the rollbar – therefore on a flat surface – and in this position I haven’t found any drawback: the base allows for universal adaptability and the longitudinal bent is useful on flat surfaces to let the cord out.

With 10 LEDs 5.4W each, the light output accounts for as much as 450 lumen; and the current draw for a 12V circuit is as little as 0.45Ah, which is really nothing for such a powerful light. Imagine the fixture positioned under the boom, in the cockpit area: this lamp will offer excellent lighting especially when the crew is having dinner gathered around the table.

Mounting and efficiency

As for me, this ceiling light has solved the problem connected with night boarding, which can be difficult in particular for a new crew. As shown by the video the lamp provides daylight and is also useful to solve practical issues as well as emergencies requiring good visibility.

It is IP66 certified but there’s no mention of this feature on either the package or the instructions, this detail is only available on the Osculati website. Tin-plated cables are another bright spot of this product.

All in all I think that this accessory is very useful considering the cost/light output/current draw rate. It is a multipurpose and powerful light fixture ideal for many different applications; it also adapts to the engine room, choosing the right place or in case a dedicated space was available.


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